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Most Realtors rely on generating buyer and seller leads, to fuel their businesses. There are many ways to stimulate interest in your website which include using social media, paid Google ads, or blogging. Many other ways exist too, but Real Estate SEO is still the best way to get lots of people looking at homes for sale on your website.

What is Real Estate SEO?

SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization, or the art of optimizing any website to be an asset that Google uses often, to answer search quires. Depending on what your goals are, this can be broken down into easy-to-follow steps:

  1. Create a Real Estate SEO plan for your website that should include the pharm areas that you want buyers and sellers leads from.
  2. Do keyword research to properly identify keyword opportunities.
  3. Implement each keyword into their respective pages, that you want to rank on Google.
  4. Obtain as much social media exposure, through multiple channels, and posts as possible.

Let’s break this down even further…

Create a Real Estate Website & SEO Plan First!

Let’s say that you wish to get more buyers and seller leads from Port Saint Lucie Florida. The first thing to do is make sure that you are targeting the best keywords, that your website can rank for. In other words, try not to choose keywords solely based on the keyword volume, because some of those keywords can be too difficult for a new website, or one without properly implemented SEO can rank for.

How to Create a Real Estate SEO Friendly Website?

Typically, Real Estate websites that have live listings fed from an IDX feed, will need to be built on a WordPress application. Website builders like WIX, or SQUARE, do not have the ability to add the IDX plugin, and won’t be efficient for your needs.

Create Pages for Important Keywords

 Types of Properties, Price Ranges, & Areas

Think about creating web pages that are Real Estate SEO friendly by working out from the top keyword, down. For example, let’s say that your website is about Port Saint Lucie Real Estate, and your homepage targets that keyword. Other pages that you should create and link into the homepage would be:

55+ Homes & Neighborhoods

So on, and so forth, until you have covered the area you want to obtain buyers/sellers leads within. These pages can represent areas, types of real estate, prices, and any other criteria you feel are important to cover and rank on Google for.

In 2022, one important part of any properly set up, and SEO Real Estate website is that it needs 55+ homes for sale, within their respective communities. Anyone who is not listing active adult 55+ Real Estate is missing huge opportunities for this new construction business.

Should you decide to make 55+ homes for sale pages, do it for each neighborhood separately. In other words, ensure you are capitalizing on each keyword by making it the title tag, and within the H1, and H2 hierarchy as well. 

New Construction Houses

In Port Saint Lucie, new construction homes for sale are gone within days of being listed on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). Many other places around the country are experiencing the same type of sales volume and can attest that properly using new construction homes to attract buyers leads to a Real Estate SEO site that works out great.

Again, make a page for each new construction community, or new home builders you know get lots of leads from Google. If there are 25 new construction neighborhoods near you, then your site should have 25 separate pages, with each new construction project listed per page, utilizing the metatag hierarchy.

You can even drill down to the available models for each new construction homebuilder, and rank for them respectively, along with the entire community.

Should You Use Google My Business to Drive Traffic?

Yes! Google My Business (GMB) is a powerful tool that Google provides free of charge, to local businesses, who can verify their address. Typically, your GMB will say your name and possibly the name of your Broker too.

However, more savvy agents who really make their Real Estate website SEO friendly, will utilize higher value keywords within their GMB names, to rank and become an SEO asset.

Doing the keyword research beforehand saves you lots of time in every aspect of the website construction and SEO implementation, which happens simultaneously, throughout the build process.

In some cases, you should incorporate several GMB’s into your real estate SEO plan overall. They can drive massive amounts of traffic to your website. But also, they produce phone calls directly from buyers and sellers looking for information, or to hire a realtor.

Not too many SEO lead gen solutions can genuinely boast as Google can…

SEO Mike G.

Be Detailed and Accurate

Take care to write detailed and accurate content only for your website pages. Whether that means your community write-ups are descriptive, and provide the details that potential buyers would want like available homes, information about the builders, about the community, any amenities that are offered, etc.

Google likes to rank pages that are authoritative and deliver expert opinions, facts, and details. Be sure to answer any questions that you think people will want to know about such as the home prices, size, availability. Maybe describe the neighborhood pool, and fitness center offered to residents and their guests.

Perhaps listing the nearest schools would be helpful for out-of-state buyers with kids. Are there any restrictions within the neighborhood, or maybe it is a 55+ community, and that will be important to state clearly in your SEO content?

The Final Word

When done correctly, any website can get major love from Google, in the form of organic traffic. You can literally feed your entire real estate business with Google SEO because everyone uses the search engine to look for houses for sale.